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About Us

Harsh Pharmaceuticals Limited is a licensed distributor of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Medical Equipment, Laboratory Reagents, Diagnostics, Disinfectants and Antiseptics. We provide our products and services directly to Public and Private Hospitals, Health systems, Retail Pharmacies and Wholesale Distributors.


Since the beginning of our operations in 1995, Harsh Pharmaceuticals Limited has thrived to be one of the leading Pharmaceutical Importers and Distributors in Tanzania.


Our successful collaborations with local partners in different regions have led us to cover all regions of the country including remote towns and villages.


Strategic collaborations with manufactures all across the world has enabled our company to service the WHO Subsidiaries, private and public sectors across the country.

Over the past several years, Harsh Pharmaceuticals has grown from humble beginnings into a dynamic and thriving company, servicing the Tanzanian market.

Each and every area we service is enriched by our experience, expertise and business values. In partnership we can make quality healthcare an affordable and accessible reality.

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